How to open a catalogue

In order to open PDF files you will need to have installed in your system Adobe's "Acrobat Reader" (version 3.0 or later). You can download it for free from Adobe's website:

* To read the catalogue
directly in your browser:

* To download it: 
(and save it to your
hard disk, or floppy...)

 just left-click its link.

 right-click its link and choose
  'Save target as...' or
  'Save link target as...'  or
  'Save file as...'.

You will then be able to read it offline, print it and keep it as long as you wish.
If you experience any problem in reading the catalogue, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you do not find that helpful please e-mail us at  and quote: Web-Pdf Problem as your subject heading. Please let us know the browser used (Netscape, Mozilla, Microsoft Internet Explorer...) and its version (4.0, 5.0,...) and we shall do our best to help you.